What is PowerNow



PowerNow utilizes the most gifted, captivating and easily understood seminar leaders available. All trainers have vast experience in their field of expertise. During the course customization the selected seminar leader will be totally involved in the design and development of course content. This ensures the training content is delivered as promised. PowerNow will match your company with a dynamic trainer to ensure a successful and empowering event.

The trainers are "handpicked" by PowerNow to ensure only the most talented people in today's business world are available for your company's needs. Every trainer has a minimum of five years training experience and clearly exhibits the highest competency in his or her area of expertise.

PowerNow trainers have worked with thousands of businesses around the world, including numerous Fortune 500 companies. PowerNow trainers design and deliver events for organizations of all sizes from very small and new companies to the number one Fortune 500 company.

Your company will receive spontaneous, energetic and expert guidance - guaranteed!

Call us at 1-615-293-1181 to learn more about how the PowerNow trainers will deliver a dynamic session tailored to your company needs.


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